About the San Francisco Fleet…

The IYFR San Francisco Fleet has members from Rotary Districts 5150, 5160, 5170 and others. The following Yacht Clubs and Sailing Clubs have active IYFR-SF members, who either participate in sailing, cruising, racing, social events or leadership in these yacht clubs.

The alphabetical list of yacht clubs that our members are affiliated with as of Aug 15, 2015 is:Benicia Yacht Club, Est. 1977Berkeley Yacht Club, Est. 1939California Carver Club, Est. 1987Emeryville Yacht Club, Est. 1989LaBelle Yacht Club, Est. 1878Loch Lomond Yacht Club, Est. 1962Los Angeles Yacht Club, Est. 1901Low Tide (New Bedford MA) Yacht Club, Est. 1932Marin Yacht Club, Est. 1935Oxbow Yacht Club, Est. 1980Richmond Yacht Club, Est. 1932South Beach YC, Est. 1988Sausalito Yacht Club, Est. 1942, Tradewinds Sailing Club, St. Francis Yacht Club, Est. 1927Tiburon Yacht Club, Est. 1955San Francisco Yacht Club, Est. 1869

IYFR-SF has 3 delegates to the Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association who meet monthly with delegates from the 105 Yacht Clubs who participate in P.I.C.Y.A. In the world of yachting, once you are actively involved as a racer, cruiser, boater, in a leadership position or as a member of a Yacht Club, it is common to meet members of PICYA Member Clubs who share your interests sailing, boating and the world of yachting. PICYA member delegates from IYFR-SF have contributed to PICYA and recreational boating leadership over the past years. Long time IYFR-SF Delegate to PICYA, David Breninger, is also the current board member and past President of Recreational Boaters of California and the current board member and secretary of PICYA Foundation and Current Board member and Secretary of International Order of Blue Gavel Delta District 19

IYFR-SF is an Association member of PICYA. PICYA member delegates from IYFR-SF have contributed to PICYA over the past years. Our current IYFR-SF Commodore Karen Lile arranged for a USPS Special Postal Cancellation Commemorating the 97th PICYA Opening Day On The Bay with Special USPS Global Ocean Stamp Plaque Presentations. And our past Commodore Jeff Kasper applied for and received IYFR International grants for the 2014 and 2015 to be donated to the Annual PICYA Margo Brown Wheel Chair Regatta for two years. The Wheel Chair Regatta, a worthy annual service project, benefits our disabled veterans and is hosted by PICYA in cooperation with the United States Airforce, United States Army, United States Marines, United States Navy and United States Coast Guard. See photos 2014 Annual PICYA Margo Brown Wheel Chair Regatta. 

IYFR-SF members (AKA Rotary Mariners) are dedicated business executives, owners, board members, government officials and community leaders who associate in friendship to serve their local and international communities through their local Rotary Club; and who also enjoy the recreational activities of the yachting world in their leisure time. 

Our San Francisco Fleet’s members include, affordable cleaning service, past IYFR International Bridge Members (listed alphabetically) Clinton Collier – Past International Commodore, Remsen Barnard, Vera Barnard, Bev Collier, Beri Kasper, Jeff Kasper and Karen Lile. All of these International Bridge Members served under the leadership of International IYFR Commodore Clint Collier from 2011 to 2013, guiding the 3 Area, and over 100+ Fleet Commodores worldwide in the International affairs of IYFR. These past International Bridge Commodore and International Bridge Members are entitled to wear their silver stars for life, in commemoration of their service to the International Bridge and its 100+ fleets. We are honored to have them as members of our San Francisco fleet and appreciate their attendance at many of our SF Fleet events.

Tall Ships in the IYFR-SF Fleet

In March 2016, four Tall Ships joined the San Francisco Fleet. Interim Executive Director, Brandi Bednarik of Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority brought two tall ships to the IYFR-SF Fleet: the Lady Washington, a 112Õ Sparred length Brig that is reminiscent of Privateer Vessels that were part of the American Revolution and the Hawaiian Chieftain; a 103Õ Square-Rigged Ketch. Both tall ships visit about 50 ports annually and have extensive youth training and education programs. Alan Olson, Founder of Call of the Sea, brought two tall ships to the IYFR-SF Fleet: Seaward; an 82Õ Staysail Schooner and the Matthew Turner a 132Õ Sparred Length Modern Brigantine under construction in Sausalito to the Fleet. Call of the Sea has extensive youth training and education programs. On April 23, 2017, Past-Commodore Karen Lile, flew the IYFR-SF Commodore’s flag from the Lady Washington in a ceremonial battle sail against the Hawaiian Chieftan opening and closing the 100th Anniversary of the Pacific-Inter Club Yachting Association. The United States Postal Service issued a Building Bridges Special Postal Cancellation commemorating the event and recognizing the event and the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain. 

STAR (Sail Training and Rotary), a partnership between Sail Train International (an organization representing more than 200 Tall Ship Sail Training programs in countries all over the world) and Rotary International (which has over 1.2 Million members in 3300 Rotary Clubs around the world) have a collaboration going back to 1972. Hal Barstow, another Rotarian and current Commodore of IYFR-Newport Fleet is a board member of LAM top sail organization (which owns the Tall Ships Exy Johnson and Irving Johnson in San Pedro Bay), originated the STAR partnership and sits on the National Advisory Board for Tall Ships America. IYFR-SF Fleet Commodore Karen Lile collaborates with IYFR-Newport Fleet Commodore Hal Barstow to benefit our West Coast Tall Ships that are affiliated with our respective fleets. 

For Rotarians New to IYFR

IYFR-SF Members are called “Rotary Mariners”.

IYFR promotes the formation of fleets throughout the world to bring together Rotarians that share a common interest in boats. Fleet leadership is similar to a regular Rotary club or Yacht Club. Each fleet has it’s own commodore, vice commodore and rear commodores as well as other officers. This allows the fleet to organize and sponsor boat/water oriented social and public service activities.

The San Francisco fleet supports and encompasses Rotarians from three Rotary Districts: 5150, 5160 and 5170. Members come from clubs close to the San Francisco Bay and the Suisun delta area as well as the inland areas of those districts. But the San Francisco Fleet is open to any Rotarian and we have members from Lake Tahoe to Lake Shasta and down to Monterey.

IYFR fellowship is not limited to boat owners and ship captains. Some members will have large sail boats or manage mega yachts with full professional crews. Other members have both sail and power boats of varying sizes ranging down to small vessels designed primarily for lake fishing. Some members are “between boats” or new to boating. There is often a position on a sailboat for an experienced crew person. And if you are interested in learning sailing or boating skills, IYFR-SF members have affiliations with large and small ship crew training programs, ranging from volunteer instructors to fully certified professional instructors. The common bond in this fellowship is the interest its members have in sailing, boating and being part of the Yacthing Community.

Who can join IYFR & Other Frequently Asked Questions…

  • Any Non-Rotarian or Rotarian in good standing with the home Rotary club! The San Francisco Fleet currently has members from more than 31 Rotary Clubs in more than 3 Districts. Many SF Fleet members are also active members of Yacht Clubs where they cruise, race, socialize and lead. IYFR-SF members are the bridge between the world of Rotary and the Yachting Community. IYFR-SF members who also have memberships at Yacht Clubs often participate in creating Cruise-In Events to their Yacht Club or a reciprocal Yacht Club and invite fellow IYFR-SF members and their friends. 
  • Do I need to own a sailboat, powerboat, tall ship or mega yacht to join IYFR?   NO. In fact, in IYFR-SF there is a mix of owners, captains, executive directors crew and those who just love all things to do with the Yachting and Tall ship lifestyle.   Rotary already has an active screening process, selecting the best and brightest from all vocations as members. The IYFR-SF is part of an International Fellowship of over 3,300 Rotary members in 37 countries. And San Francisco Fleet is one of 109 Active Fleets in IYFR. Any Rotarian can join the IYFR.
  • Do I need a boat?  NO!  Many IYFRians are new to the yacht world or between boats. They still enjoy the fellowship we offer at miracle movers.  Members who do have boats are often looking for crew and when that crew is a fellow Rotarian, an initial bond is already established. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to be a land cruiser at an IYFR-SF Event and attend the dinners hosted at various yacht clubs. It is fun to hear the tales of those who were out racing, cruising or boating that day over a drink and a meal. 

When you join the San Francisco fleet…

  • You’ll meet other Rotarians from the bay area that share your interest in boating.
  • You’ll receive the benefits of membership in IYFR (your registration fee includes that membership).
  • You can join in on one of the many IYFR-SF Cruises to San Francisco and Northern California Yacht Clubs, each hosted by an IYFR-SF Cruise Captain who is part of the yachting community. Cruse Captains are active racers, cruisers and/or leaders in the Yacht Clubs they belong to. Learn more about this interesting world of Yachting and/or share what you know if you are already part of the Yachting community.
  • You can join us at our functions held in conjunction with the district conventions.
  • Because we are a member of the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association you will be welcomed at fellow member clubs at our events and by introduction from our Commodore to their Commodore.