About IYFR

The International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians, formed in 1947 in Great Britain, is recognized as the oldest of the Rotary Fellowships. It was to become the first of many recreational fellowships formed with the World Fellowship Activities of Rotary International. There are 109 active Rotary yachting fleets in 37 countries (as of March 31, 2015) throughout the world: Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China (Hong Kong SAR), Crimea, Croatia, Czech and Slovak Republics, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Rwanda, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay and the USA. IYFR has a world wide membership of nearly 3300 members who are members of one of the 109 Fleets of their choice.

Over 1,000 of those members own yachts (sail and/or power) and many of those boat owners have memberships in Yacht Clubs and berths for their yachts in marinas around the world. Visit the International Website: IYFR.net

The goals of IYFR are…

  • Advancing International understanding, goodwill and peace trough a world fellowship of business and professional individuals united in the ideals of service.
  • Promoting the sports of cruising, racing, yachting, sailing, and boating.
  • Promoting high standards of seamanship, subscribing to and abiding by recognized yachting customs and etiquette of the water.
  • Offer social events and community service opportunities to those Rotarians who share the interests of any water sport that involves ships or boats.
  • IYFR is, as its name implies, an international group. There are fleets around the world that share your interest in boating and sponsor a variety of water oriented events and activities.

Who can join IYFR…

  • Any Rotarian in good standing with the home Rotary club!
  • Do I need to own a sailboat, powerboat, tall ship or mega yacht to join IYFR? NO. In fact, in IYFR-SF there is a mix of owners, captains, crew and those who just love all things to do with the Yachting lifestyle. Rotary already has an active screening process, selecting the best and brightest from all vocations to belong. The IYFR-SF is part of an International Fellowship of over 3,300 members in 37 countries. And San Francisco Fleet is one of 109 Active Fleets in IYFR. Any Rotarian can join the IYFR.
  • Do I need a boat? NO! Many IYFRians do not own boats but still enjoy the fellowship we offer. Members who do have boats are often looking for crew and when that crew is a fellow Rotarian, an initial bond is already established. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to be a land cruiser at an IYFR-SF Event and attend the dinners hosted at various yacht clubs. It is fun to hear the tales of those who were out racing, cruising or boating that day over a drink and a meal.

When you join IYFR…

  • You’ll meet other Rotarians from around the word that share your interest in boating
  • You’ll receive the International Roster of Members that will allow you to get in touch with fellow boating Rotarians when you travel.
  • You can join us at our hospitality house at Rotary’s international conventions.
  • Participate in our annual meeting in conjunction with the international convention.
  • Participate in an annual post international convention cruise.
  • You qualify to obtain and display unique IYFR regalia to show your interest in Rotarian yachting.